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  • Aamras

    Aamras is a famous sweet dish or dessert during summer days in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is made with the ripe mango pulp , some sugar, cardamom and nutmeg powder. These are basic ingredients but you can also add some ghee(clarified butter) and milk for the richness. Traditionally the mango pulp is squeezed by hand […]

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  • Masala Toast Sandwich

    (Mumbai Masala Toast || Street Snacks ) Masala Toast Sandwich is one of the famous street food of Mumbai.It is made with masala aloo , spicy green chutney and some finely chopped vegetables filled in a bread and toasted well with butter till golden brown and crisp outside. Finally garnished with sev. We can add […]

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  • Watermelon Slush

    Basically Slush is nothing but a small particles of flavoured ice. It is very cool and colourful and everyones favourite. You can make it in any flavour of your choice. Slush can be made with any Fruit juice, Soda or just a Plain water .It is very easy to make and best for the summer. […]

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  • Dum Aloo

    Dum aloo is flavourful, rich and creamy dish traditionally most popular in Kashmir , Bengal and North region of India . It is a very popular restaurant dish made with fried baby potatoes and variety of Indian spices. There are different ways of making dum aloo . The most popular types of this dish are […]

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  • lemon rice

    Lemon Rice is a most popular dish in South India . It is made with cooked rice (or even from left over rice) by adding some spices, lentils like chana daal ,urad daal ,pea nuts ,cashew nuts and lemon juice. It is a one pot meal with little spicy and tangy taste because of lemon […]

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  • Dalgona coffee

    Dalgona coffee is basically a whipped mixture of coffee, sugar and water topped on the hot or cold milk. It is a milk based beverage with soft ,creamy and foamy form of coffee mixture .These days dalgona coffee is very much in trend on social media. It is very simple and quick recipe made with […]

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